Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
162401-162420 of all 162,430 gems.
50,9700triangleGiven 3 integers calculate the type of triangle
50,9700SimpleHTTPServerA Ruby based Simple HTTP Server that's not so simple after all.
50,9700muggleVERY simple framework for Web Applications
50,9700busser-arubaA Busser runner plugin for Aruba
50,9700powerComing soon.
50,9700needle-searchNeedle is a small and opinionated search client for Ruby applications.
50,9700crepeRack-based API framework
50,9700rails_tools-unchanged_validatorProvides an unchanged validator for active model.
50,9700purposeComing soon.
50,9700needle-railsNeedle is a small and opinionated search client for Ruby on Rails applications.
50,9700mirrorGoogle Glass mirror API ruby wrapper
50,9700make_it_searchablesimple column filtering and sorting.
50,9700skadategems-devCommand line tool for Skadate Software developers
50,9700muzzleA rate limiter for both API services and consumers.
50,9700csCommonSense API client library
50,9700systemstatsRetrieves machine stats, including cpu,memory,disk,io
50,9700contaazulA tiny non-official wrapper for ContaAzul's API
50,9700cssquirtEmbeds images (or directories of images) directly into CSS via the Data URI scheme.
50,9700stormpath-omniauthAn OmniAuth strategy for use with Stormpath