Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
166541-166560 of all 167,214 gems.
61,3390squash_migrationsSquash migrations
61,3390prevent_blankification_validatorRails 3 Validator, that prevents attributes from being changed to a blank value once th...
61,3390press_releaseTranslate your message into 60+ languages.
61,3390pixelatorAdd tracking pixels to your code in a manageable, performant way
61,3390neverprintSetup your Jekyll project to support more advanced templating and preprocessing using H...
61,3390mongoid_aggregatesAggregation extender for mongoid.
61,3390mirror42-freshbooks.rbFreshBooks.rb is a Ruby interface to the FreshBooks API. It exposes easy-to-use classes...
61,3390mina-s3Adds AWS S3 support for mina.
61,3390jpicker-railsjPicker for rails with asset pipline support
61,3390jacarandajacaranda generates helper methods based on your model validations.
61,3390hola-peterfeiA simple hello world gem by peterfei
61,3390github_authorized_keysPulls all of the keys for all members of an organization from GitHub
61,3390themerAdd support for multiple color themes in your Rails app. Themer uses CSS variables to m...
61,3390tastetaste is sort of a linting tool that checks if your scss/sass code follows proven best-...
61,3390scList of HTTP status codes with pattern matching.
61,3390robjectRObject is a wrapper library for RSRuby.
61,3390redis-store-jsonRails 4 Redis session store for ActionPack with JSON serialization
61,3390page_fragmentsStorage page fragments in database
61,3390opentox-featureSimple OpenTox Feature Service
61,3390mystro-volleyVolley integration for Mystro Server