Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
174881-174900 of all 175,801 gems.
132,6270buoyancyA Ruby gem for getting data from the NDBC (National Data Buoy Center)
132,6270windowsliveloginImplementation of Windows Live Web Authentication and Delegated Authentication protocol...
132,6270webkit_remote_unstableLaunches Google Chrome instances and controls them via the Remote Debugging server
132,6270tophold_rackA rack based middleware to redispatch requested uri path to 3rd party tracking server
132,6270tilingTiling provides a simple window tiling system for linux. This is for those who cannot (...
132,6270tabular-textYou know those times when you're dealing with a 10-year-old government API and they req...
132,6270svg_paletteParse an SVG to discover which colors it contains.
132,6270brancusiAn opinionated CoffeeScript framework for developing single page applications.
132,6270tubemptubemp is a tiny web-application which creates and serves thumbnail-images from YouTube...
132,6270TheresNoBoxThere's No Box utililty Library
132,6270tablelingAsync table plugin based on Backbone Marionette.
132,6270stepdown-patchedStepdown allows you to see where your most used Cucumber steps are, your unused steps a...
132,6270bashimRead bash.im citation
132,6270ads-railsHelper to create the google adsense include tag in rails.
132,6270uuid4r-candyClass/Module Candy For gem uuid4r
132,6270untangleLeightweight dependency API for your POROs
132,6270time-utilsSome useful time utilities
132,6270thor-levenshteinThor that suggest possible commands when you make a typo.
132,6270tabletteHTML table generator