Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
174841-174860 of all 174,907 gems.
171,8770EnvJasmineEnvJasmine allows you to run headless JavaScript tests.
171,8770spree_sort_productsSpree Sort Products extends the ability of a taxon on its products to be sorted from th...
171,8770database_ymlGenerate database yml for rails projects
171,8770i18n-active_record-backendI18n ActiveRecord backend. Allows to store translations in a database using ActiveRecor...
171,8770GitspotterVisualize git log/graph in html
171,8770aws-vpccreateAWS VPC object creator
171,8770KenseiRubygem backend for Kensei, the Emacs mail major mode
171,8770AsciiPNGA Ruby gem to asciify png images.
171,8770DPLibraryRuby API wrapper for the Digital Public Library of America API
171,8770demoAppMuch longer explanation of the example!
171,8770MergeAsXMLTakes data from a delimited text file and merges into XML
171,8770defensorUnofficial Ruby library for Defensio 2.0
171,8770HelloGemA simple hello world gem
171,8770TrueCar-chefA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...
171,8770f1sherman-will_paginateThe will_paginate library provides a simple, yet powerful and extensible API for pagina...
171,8770hardyConvert an HTTP Archive (HAR) into a siege URLs file with Content-Type request support.
171,8770Hello__WorldHello Moto
171,8770AutoA simple and smart multi-protocol bot (currently supports IRC) which allows for eas...
171,8770Maxxxxxjust test