Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
174821-174840 of all 174,907 gems.
171,8770i18n_fieldsTranslatable fields for ActiveRecordSchema
171,8770c2poC2PO is a grammar for statistical graphics. See http://keminglabs.com/c2po.
171,8770ChizuruTwitter bot framework
171,8770json-colorizerTool for pretty printing json as log
171,8770PBYFFor use with Yahoo Finance
171,8770Boy2ManA game and library of Rock Paper Scissors
171,8770r_simperiumr_simperium aims to mimic Simperium's official python library.
171,8770studio_game_sah"The class project from the Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course."
171,8770Liaits24Liaits 24-points game solver
171,8770h2ocube_generatorH2ocube Generator is the base Rails application builder.
171,8770k3_testingCapybara selectors for finding the element in your document that represents a specific ...
171,8770entity_responderA Rails responder that returns an entity in the response body rather than the :no_conte...
171,8770PathsA gem saving frequent used paths and keeping them at hand, in a very ease and comfortab...
171,8770MissionhubConsume the Missionhub API easily with this Ruby Gem
171,8770h2ocube_rails_cacheJust an redis cache.
171,8770SCDBtoYAMLConvert SCDB CSV files to YAML
171,8770megalodonSetup a modern PHP development environment on Mac.
171,8770deblankdeblank is a command line tool that renames files and replaces or removes special chara...
171,8770TheresNoBoxThere's No Box utililty Library