Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
174861-174880 of all 175,801 gems.
132,6270twidoA command line tool that can update and manage todo list on twitter.
132,6270success_repeaterrepeat yield command in transaction until is executed successfully
132,6270sliced_redisCut up large Redis SET commands into smaller pieces.
132,6270caronteOAuth2 Provider
132,6270bibgrepA tool for searching and organising bibtex
132,6270always_be_contributingAlways Be Contributing counts who has contributing most to your orginization on Git...
132,6270uses_openidAdds some OpenID authentication methods to an ActiveRecord model
132,6270traductionSimple tool to ease synchronization of locale files
132,6270simpledesktopssimpledesktops.com wallpaper fetcher
132,6270shopify_watcherSimple utility to listen to changes
132,6270caption_paperclip_processorAdd captions to images
132,6270capistrano-getservers-altA capistrano plugin for simplifying EC2 deployment processes
132,6270cap_crontabInstall a crontab through cap
132,6270ancient_mockA simple mock object library I built on stage at Ancient City Ruby. Do not use in produ...
132,6270ageismGiven a string such as "4 - 5", "3y 6m - 4y 6m", return a hash with keys :left and :rig...
132,6270xcharts_railsA gem to include Xcharts into Rails 3.1
132,6270waughkevxmasWill do a Christmas countdown in days
132,6270vagrant-hostrubyProvision Vagrant boxes with Ruby (on the host machine)
132,6270trimodelA gem that enables transparent relationships between 2 models associated through...
132,6270slidesjs-railsSlidesjs assets for Rails 3.1