Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
174801-174820 of all 175,801 gems.
132,6270blinkPlaceholder for blink(1) library
132,6270yappconfigyappconfig provides your application with a global configuration based on the environme...
132,6270wpgenA command line program for generating blank themes
132,6270tumbleweedMechanized tumblr theme uploads
132,6270skewheapThis is a skew heap algorithm for educational use.
132,6270scheduler_daemon_robertcigana Rails 2.3, Rails 3, and Ruby compatible scheduler daemon. Replaces cron/rake pattern...
132,6270activerecord-jdbc-plsqlactiverecord-jdbc-plsql provide a Ruby wrapper to use PL/SQL with Active Record and JDBC
132,6270temper-controlTemperature Controller Library
132,6270taudayIntroduces Tau as the true circle constant. See http://tauday.com
132,6270style-tilesCreate HTML and CSS Style Tiles with Sass & Compass
132,6270sprinklesFully-controllable tasty toppings.
132,6270simple-settingsA gem to easily handle environment specific settings
132,6270cisco-config-parseParses a cisco config file on disk (probably from a tool such as Rancid) and returns si...
132,6270boxafeBoxafe encrypts and auto-mounts a folder with encfs and whenever.
132,6270simple_servicesRuby client to Simple Services API!
132,6270sf_commonscommons extracted out...
132,6270cloudapp-serviceCloudApp API Client
132,6270childprocess-serverManage and interact with CLI processes, remotely via dRuby.
132,6270cache-backend-inmemoryA backend for the Quarter Spiral ``cache-client`` gem using an in memory store.