Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
176641-176660 of all 179,948 gems.
69,4180indian-railClient for the Indian Rail Information
69,4180gameclickfastA game file u need to write [require 'gameclickfast'] in ur ruby file
69,4180timelapseUses gphoto2 to interact with cameras to generate timelapses
69,4180tartanclothA wrapper around the BlueCloth gem which incorporates HTML5 headers, footers, and a tab...
69,4180string_tensionsCalculator for musical strings tensions
69,4180sms_boxRuby API client for the MNC smsBox® v6.4 -- HTTP XML API
69,4180ohm-identity_mapBasic identity map for Ohm.
69,4180multi_typografA generic swappable back-end for typographing text.
69,4180loglineA Ruby library for reading the Final Draft FDX file format
69,4180its-minitestAdds support for its syntax to minitest.
69,4180iced-coffee-script-sourceIcedCoffeeScript is a superset of CoffeeScript that introduces the await and defe...
69,4180vagrant_cmdvagrant plugin. add `cmd` sub-command. The `cmd` command run cmd.exe on host machin...
69,4180tinidorA small JRuby gem that spawns new processes using java.lang.ProcessBuilder
69,4180sync_enumeratorWhy is SyncEnumeraot in REXML?
69,4180stomping_ground-celluloidMock Stomp server to be used when testing stomp consumers, Celluloid::IO version.
69,4180spree_bcashSupport bcash
69,4180rinneRinne - Camel case converter
69,4180paperclip-gmagickCall GMagick instead of ImageMagick
69,4180nodeattrRuby implementation of nodeattr
69,4180nifty_errorpagesA simple rails engine for customizing your error pages.