Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
178761-178780 of all 179,007 gems.
151,4200borealisFinds most prominent colors in a given image.
151,4200datagramGist for MySQL
151,4200bannerAdd a banner to the top of all pages in an app
151,4200devise-warblerDevise that should work with jRuby Warbler compiled.
151,4200assembly_walesA Gem that consumes data from the Welsh Assembly
151,4200childrenStarts one parent daemon and N child processes
151,4200automateThe automate Gem provides a very simple DSL for writing command line automations, provi...
151,4200fanA small password application
151,4200chromarksSearch, list and open Chrome bookmarks in your terminal.
151,4200bootstrap-flashmessageBrings custom Bootstrap-Flashmessages to your Applikation
151,4200blockholeThis is a simple caching library inspired by the api of VCR. Currently Redis is the onl...
151,4200crushinatorCreate Crushinator style css animation from animation sequence files
151,4200angular-ui-select2-railsangular-ui-select2 packaged for Rails assets pipeline
151,4200activerecord_csiImplements the ActiveRecord pattern (Fowler, PoEAA) for ORM. It ties database tables an...
151,4200batiksimple wrapper for batik's svg rasterizer
151,4200anywhereSimple wrapper for Net/SSH
151,4200coderwall_rubySimple wrapper around Coderwall User API
151,4200caching_mailerUses ActionController to provide fragment caching to ActionMailer