Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
178781-178800 of all 179,022 gems.
83,3680hootenannyA drop-in PubSubHubBub-compliant Rails Engine for easy hubbubing.
83,3680guard-preservesThis gem provides a guard plug-in to watch the Preserves repo and compile/copy js files...
83,3680gitignoresGenerates .gitignore
83,3680wireioGem to consume WireIO rest api
83,3680try_bangIt provides Object#try! that tries methods after #respond_to?
83,3680treestoretreestore stores two different types of data: 1) values, which are stored according to ...
83,3680traveltime-apiSimple wrapper for TravelTime REST API.
83,3680southAuth lib
83,3680set_partitionSet Partition
83,3680precogClient library for the Precog platform
83,3680prawn_calendarThis gem provides a function to generate calendars and calendar entries.
83,3680omniauth-myheritageMyHeritage strategy for OmniAuth
83,3680nulogyrefineryfrontendeditorThis is a modified editor editor for rails application originally written by Guirec Corbel
83,3680nike_v2_neuraNike+ API V2 Gem
83,3680mockup_modelA class that pretends to be an active record model, useful for mockups.
83,3680minmb-capistranoCapistrano is a utility and framework for executing commands in parallel on multiple re...
83,3680maze-solverA gem to solve a 2D maze.
83,3680just_some_learninThis is the Game from the Pragmatic Studios Ruby course. It is executed with bin/studi...
83,3680hollaA talking RSpec formatter
83,3680guard-ejsGuard gem for EJS