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1+3,3726374,009aws-sdk-ivsOfficial AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS). This gem is pa...
2+2,9655323,497functions_frameworkThe Functions Framework implementation for Ruby.
3+2,4677313,198aws-sdk-honeycodeOfficial AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Honeycode (Honeycode). This gem is part of the AWS SDK...
4+1,9757222,697aws-sdk-codeartifactOfficial AWS Ruby gem for CodeArtifact. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for Ruby.
5+1,8788762,754mini_histogramIt makes histograms out of Ruby data. How cool is that!? Pretty cool if you ask me.
6+1,8718812,752unicode_plotPlot your data by Unicode characters
7+1,8648722,736enumerable-statisticsThis library provides statistics features for Enumerable
8+1,8309442,774slack-messengerA slim ruby wrapper for posting to slack webhooks
9+1,7868922,678lockboxModern encryption for Rails
10+1,7799072,686gitlab-mail_roommail_room will proxy email (gmail) from IMAP to a delivery method
11+1,6829352,617gitlab-puma_worker_killerKills pumas, the code kind
12+1,6709332,603gitlab-chronicChronic is a natural language date/time parser written in pure Ruby.
13+1,6469382,584gitlab-pumaPuma is a simple, fast, threaded, and highly concurrent HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack a...
14+1,6239292,552gitlab-net-dnsNet::DNS is a pure Ruby DNS library, with a clean OO interface and an extensible API.
15+1,5437992,342ecma-re-validatorValidate a regular expression string against what ECMA-262 can actually do.
15+1,5438102,353json_schemerJSON Schema validator. Supports drafts 4, 6, and 7.
17+1,4738632,336ruby-statisticsThis gem is intended to accomplish the same purpose as jStat js library: ...
18+1,4336042,037aws-sdk-macie2Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Macie 2. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for Ruby.
19+1,4199202,339diff_match_patchRuby implementation of Google diff_match_patch
20+1,4059892,394gitlab-gollum-rugged_adapterAdapter for Gollum to use Rugged (libgit2) at the backend.