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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
60+501391892dry-schemadry-schema provides a DSL for defining schemas with keys and rules that should be appli...
62+494489983pg_queryParses SQL queries using a copy of the PostgreSQL server query parser
63+492436928artifactoryA Ruby client for Artifactory
64+4905761,066rbtreeA RBTree is a sorted associative collection that is implemented with a Red-Black Tree. ...
65+4899731,462filelockHeavily tested yet simple filelocking solution using flock
66+488268756slack-ruby-clientSlack Web and RealTime API client.
67+4825961,078fluent-plugin-ignore-filterFluentd filter plugin to ignore messages
68+470394864dry-initializerDSL for declaring params and options of the initializer
69+4676351,102gemsRuby wrapper for the RubyGems.org API
70+4647391,203doorkeeper-openid_connectOpenID Connect extension for Doorkeeper.
71+461207668debase-ruby_core_sourceProvide Ruby core source files for C extensions that need them.
72+460530990mock_redisInstantiate one with `redis = MockRedis.new` and treat it like you would a normal Redis...
72+460184644trailblazer-optionWrap an option at compile-time and `call` it at runtime, which allows to have the commo...
74+4529581,410activerecord-nulldb-adapterA database backend that translates database interactions into no-ops. Using NullDB enab...
75+4495971,046fluent-plugin-kinesis-aggregationFluentd output plugin that sends KPL style aggregated events to Amazon Kinesis.
76+443354797tty-colorTerminal color capabilities detection
77+441359800pastelTerminal strings styling with intuitive and clean API.
78+439353792reverse_markdownMap simple html back into markdown, e.g. if you want to import existing html data in yo...
79+436508944semantic_rangenode-semver rewritten in ruby, for comparison and inclusion of semantic versions and ra...
80+4357901,225bigdecimalThis library provides arbitrary-precision decimal floating-point number class.