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61-80 of all 617 gems.
RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
61+8638031,666azure-storage-blobMicrosoft Azure Storage Blob Client Library for Ruby
62+8557991,654azure-storage-commonMicrosoft Azure Storage Common Client Library for Ruby
63+8324891,321proc_to_astAdd #to_ast method to Proc. #to_ast converts Proc object to AST::Node.
64+8297801,609opensslIt wraps the OpenSSL library.
65+8212261,047ruby2_keywordsShim library for Module#ruby2_keywords
66+8159351,750simple_po_parserA simple PO file to ruby hash parser . PO files are translation files generated by GNU/...
67+8078691,676omniauth_openid_connectOpenID Connect Strategy for OmniAuth.
68+8049201,724unleashThis is the ruby client for Unleash, a powerful feature toggle system that gives yo...
69+8015111,312gitlab-labkitInstrumentation for GitLab
70+7973221,119ed25519A Ruby binding to the Ed25519 elliptic curve public-key signature system described in R...
71+7928511,643grpc-toolsprotoc and the Ruby gRPC protoc plugin
72+7864941,280rspec-parameterizedRSpec::Parameterized supports simple parameterized test syntax in rspec.
73+7797931,572atlassian-jwtThis gem simplifies generating the claims needed to authenticate with the Atlassian Con...
74+7788301,608omniauth-salesforceOmniAuth strategy for salesforce.com.
75+7718911,662grape-path-helpersRoute path helpers for Grape
76+7607911,551invisible_captchaUnobtrusive, flexible and simple spam protection for Rails applications using honeypot ...
77+7448921,636securecomparesecurecompare borrows the secure_compare private method from ActiveSupport::MessageVeri...
77+7449031,647re2Ruby bindings to re2, "an efficient, principled regular expression library".
79+7399011,640peekTake a peek into your Rails application.
80+7333871,120aws-sdk-savingsplansOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS Savings Plans (AWSSavingsPlans). This gem is part of the ...