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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
61+9722801,252ruby2_keywordsShim library for Module#ruby2_keywords
62+9668681,834gitlab-sidekiq-fetcherRedis reliable queue pattern implemented in Sidekiq
63+9648261,790flipper-active_support_cache_storeActiveSupport::Cache store adapter for Flipper
64+9538021,755batch-loaderPowerful tool to avoid N+1 DB or HTTP queries
65+9364251,361gitlab-markupThis gem is used by GitLab to render any non Markdown markup
66+9294291,358licenseeLicensee automates the process of reading LICENSE files and compares their contents...
67+9199911,910ougaiA structured logging system is capable of handling a message, custom data or an excepti...
68+8804261,306gemojioneA gem for EmojiOne
69+8721321,004rexmlAn XML toolkit for Ruby
70+8561931,049google-cloud-errorsgoogle-cloud-errors defines error classes for google-cloud-ruby.
71+8518811,732validates_hostnameExtension to ActiveRecord::Base for validating hostnames
72+8498481,697email_reply_trimmerEmailReplyTrimmer is a small library to trim replies from plain text email.
73+8478661,713html2textA Ruby component to convert HTML into a plain text format.
74+8443741,218concordHelper for object composition
75+8427621,604js_regexJsRegex converts Ruby's native regular expressions for JavaScript, taking care of vario...
76+8403561,196rbtracerbtrace shows you method calls happening inside another ruby process in real time.
77+8343731,207proctoTurns your object into a method object
78+8297271,556swdSWD (Simple Web Discovery) Client Library
78+8297401,569validate_emailLibrary for validating email addresses in Rails 3 models.
80+8217421,563webfingerRuby WebFinger client library