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21-40 of all 543 gems.
RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
21+1,0619402,001requirejs-railsThis gem provides RequireJS support for your Rails 3 application.
22+1,0154611,476rubocop-railsAutomatic Rails code style checking tool. A RuboCop extension focused on enforcing ...
23+1,0133611,374zeitwerkZeitwerk implements constant autoloading with Ruby semantics. Each gem and applicat...
24+1,0049741,978distribute_readsScale database reads with replicas in Rails
25+9397321,671aws-sdk-lakeformationOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS Lake Formation. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for Ruby.
26+9298791,808fluent-config-regexp-typeThe compatibility monkey patch to use regexp type
27+9109501,860delivery_boyA simple way to produce messages to Kafka from Ruby applications
28+8872401,127fluent-plugin-s3Amazon S3 output plugin for Fluentd event collector
29+8855371,422dry-structTyped structs and value objects.
30+8837661,649kramdown-parser-gfmkramdown-parser-gfm provides a kramdown parser for the GFM dialect of Markdown
31+8719561,827racecarA framework for running Kafka consumers
32+8655661,431ruby-enumEnum-like behavior for Ruby.
33+8564081,264http-acceptParse Accept and Accept-Language HTTP headers.
34+8539531,806plaidRuby gem wrapper for the Plaid API. Read more at the homepage, the wiki, or in the Plai...
35+8349791,813geckodriver-helperEasy installation and use of geckodriver, that provides the HTTP API described by the W...
36+8253521,177debase-ruby_core_sourceProvide Ruby core source files for C extensions that need them.
37+8229701,792openid_connectOpenID Connect Server & Client Library
38+8119111,722dry-auto_injectContainer-agnostic automatic constructor injection
39+7718251,596commonmarkerA fast, safe, extensible parser for CommonMark. This wraps the official libcmark library.
40+7328941,626king_konfA simple configuration library