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81-100 of all 617 gems.
RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
81+7283451,073rbtracerbtrace shows you method calls happening inside another ruby process in real time.
82+7189021,620omniauth-oauth2-genericGeneric, Configurable OmniAuth Strategy for OAuth2 providers
83+7159371,652rspec_profilingProfile RSpec test suites
84+7128431,555flipper-active_support_cache_storeActiveSupport::Cache store adapter for Flipper
85+7073921,099concordHelper for object composition
86+7068311,537acme-clientClient for the ACME protocol.
86+7063131,019bcrypt_pbkdfThis gem implements bcrypt_pdkfd (a variant of PBKDF2 with bcrypt-based PRF)
88+7018901,591gitlab-sidekiq-fetcherRedis reliable queue pattern implemented in Sidekiq
89+6978521,549rubocop-gitlab-securityBasic security checking for Ruby files. A plugin for the RuboCop code style enforcing &...
90+6915171,208gitlab-markupThis gem is used by GitLab to render any non Markdown markup
90+6918291,520batch-loaderPowerful tool to avoid N+1 DB or HTTP queries
92+6895161,205licenseeLicensee automates the process of reading LICENSE files and compares their contents...
93+6854021,087proctoTurns your object into a method object
94+6777001,377uri_templateA templating system for URIs, which implements RFC6570 and Colon based URITemplates in ...
95+6763881,064abstract_typeModule to declare abstract classes and methods
95+6763891,065adamantiumImmutable extensions to objects
97+6744861,160gemojioneA gem for EmojiOne
98+664198862google-cloud-errorsgoogle-cloud-errors defines error classes for google-cloud-ruby.
99+663106769rexmlAn XML toolkit for Ruby
100+6584181,076unparserGenerate equivalent source for parser gem AST nodes