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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
81+7775151,292colorColor is a Ruby library to provide basic RGB, CMYK, HSL, and other colourspace manipula...
82+7685431,311greaseGrease provides an adapter to use Tilt as extension of Sprockets 3 or later.
83+7639601,723route53Provides CRUD and list operations for records and zones as part of Amazon's Route 53 se...
84+7463791,125optimistOptimist is a commandline option parser for Ruby that just gets out of your way. One li...
85+7355511,286aesAn AES encrypt/decrypt gem built ontop of OpenSSL. Not as quick as FastAES, but it doe...
86+7319831,714tty-promptA beautiful and powerful interactive command line prompt with a robust API for getting ...
87+713151864beefcakeA pure-Ruby Protocol Buffers library
88+7056991,404murmurhash3implementation of murmur3 hashing function
89+6969761,672necromancerConversion from one object type to another with a bit of black magic.
90+6915031,194azure-coreMicrosoft Azure Client Core Library for Ruby SDK
91+690258948statsd-instrumentA StatsD client for Ruby apps. Provides metaprogramming methods to inject StatsD instru...
92+6874591,146aws-sdk-managedblockchainOfficial AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Managed Blockchain (ManagedBlockchain). This gem is pa...
93+683141824urlA simple url object to allow for OO based manipulation and usage of a url
94+677140817codecovhosted code coverage
95+669254923mustermann-grapeAdds Grape style patterns to Mustermman
96+6679301,597amazon-pricingA Ruby library for retrieving pricing for Amazon Web Services
97+658154812rspec-instafailShow failing specs instantly
98+623149772capistrano-rvmRVM integration for Capistrano
99+6114891,100fluent-plugin-elasticsearchElasticsearch output plugin for Fluent event collector
99+611147758danteTurn any process into a demon.