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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
81+6264351,061rqrcode_corerqrcode_core is a Ruby library for encoding QR Codes. The simple interface (with no run...
81+6265561,182terserTerser minifies JavaScript files by wrapping TerserJS to be accessible in Ruby
83+5946211,215cucumber-messagesJSON schema-based messages for Cucumber's inter-process communication
84+579140719dateA subclass of Object includes Comparable module for handling dates.
85+5755511,126sys-unameThe sys-uname library provides an interface for gathering information about your cu...
86+5696321,201caxlsxxlsx spreadsheet generation with charts, images, automated column width, customizable s...
87+5457271,272downRobust streaming downloads using Net::HTTP, HTTP.rb or wget.
88+5294721,001sentry-sidekiqA gem that provides Sidekiq integration for the Sentry error logger
89+5159251,440rubocop-graphqlA collection of RuboCop cops to improve GraphQL-related code
90+502214716matrixAn implementation of Matrix and Vector classes.
91+4985301,028gemsRuby wrapper for the RubyGems.org API
91+4986261,124fluent-plugin-grafana-lokiOutput plugin to ship logs to a Grafana Loki server
93+4858631,348after_commit_everywhereBrings before_commit, after_commit, and after_rollback transactional callbacks outside ...
94+484286770sentry-rubyA gem that provides a client interface for the Sentry error logger
95+4807281,208deprecation_toolkitDeprecation Toolkit around ActiveSupport::Deprecation
96+477507984syncA module that provides a two-phase lock with a counter.
97+4745321,006configEasiest way to manage multi-environment settings in any ruby project or framework: Rail...
97+474313787sentry-railsA gem that provides Rails integration for the Sentry error logger
99+4727931,265fluent-plugin-prometheusA fluent plugin that collects metrics and exposes for Prometheus.
99+472523995warningruby-warning adds custom processing for warnings, including the ability to ignore speci...