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Featured gems which are based on difference between daily rank and total rank.
81-100 of all 590 gems.
RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
81+8093681,177adamantiumImmutable extensions to objects
82+8063691,175abstract_typeModule to declare abstract classes and methods
83+8038231,626valid_emailActiveModel Validation for email
84+7973871,184unparserGenerate equivalent source for parser gem AST nodes
85+7938691,662po_to_jsonConvert gettext PO files to JSON objects so that you can use it in your application.
86+7698411,610gitalyAuto-generated gRPC client for gitaly.
87+7539031,656omniauth-kerberosAn OmniAuth strategy for Kerberos.
88+7493781,127kramdown-parser-gfmkramdown-parser-gfm provides a kramdown parser for the GFM dialect of Markdown
89+7479051,652omniauth-multipasswordA OmniAuth strategy to authenticate using different passwort strategies.
90+7463621,108opentracingOpenTracing Ruby Platform API
91+7447231,467openid_connectOpenID Connect Server & Client Library
92+7338961,629omniauth_crowdThis is an OmniAuth provider for Atlassian Crowd's REST API. It allows you to easily i...
93+7329001,632u2fLibrary for handling registration and authentication of U2F devices
94+7269151,641timfel-krb5-authKerberos binding for Ruby
94+726227953actionmailboxReceive and process incoming emails in Rails applications.
96+7218461,567doorkeeper-openid_connectOpenID Connect extension for Doorkeeper.
97+7207141,434test-profRuby applications tests profiling tools. Contains tools to analyze factories usage...
98+717228945actiontextEdit and display rich text in Rails applications.
99+7153551,070thriftRuby bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
100+7019071,608ruby-fogbugzA simple Ruby wrapper for the Fogbugz XML API