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Featured gems which are based on difference between daily rank and total rank.
41-60 of all 500 gems.
RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
41+1,2096731,882ruby-openaiOpenAI API + Ruby! 🤖🩵
42+1,2006081,808faraday-follow_redirectsFaraday 2.x compatible extraction of FaradayMiddleware::FollowRedirects.
43+1,1855051,690spoomUseful tools for Sorbet enthusiasts.
44+1,1823441,526rubocop-factory_botCode style checking for factory_bot files. A plugin for the RuboCop code style enforcin...
45+1,1814891,670fluent-plugin-out-httpA generic Fluentd output plugin to send logs to an HTTP endpoint
46+1,1693431,512stimulus-railsA modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have.
47+1,1626191,781minitest-spec-railsThe minitest-spec-rails gem makes it easy to use the \ Minitest::S...
48+1,1612621,423stringioPseudo `IO` class from/to `String`.
49+1,1565011,657tapiocaA Ruby Interface file generator for gems, core types and the Ruby standard library
50+1,1457121,857ipecacheAn extensible tool for purging urls from caches and CDNs
51+1,1336901,823fluent-plugin-geoip-filterFluentd filter plugin to add geoip
52+1,1072801,387elastic-transportLow level Ruby client for Elastic. See the `elasticsearch` or `elastic-enterprise-searc...
53+1,098511,149base64Support for encoding and decoding binary data using a Base64 representation.
54+1,0953031,398turbo-railsThe speed of a single-page web application without having to write any JavaScript.
55+1,0884211,509fluent-plugin-opensearchOpensearch output plugin for Fluent event collector
56+1,0866181,704rbsRBS is the language for type signatures for Ruby and standard library definitions.
57+1,0856671,752opentelemetry-semantic_conventionsSemantic Convention definitions for OpenTelemetry
58+1,0666491,715google-apis-drive_v3This is the simple REST client for Google Drive API V3. Simple REST clients are Ruby cl...
59+1,0466611,707opentelemetry-commonCommon helpers for OpenTelemetry
60+1,0449902,034unicodeUnicode normalization library.