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1134rspec-expectationsrspec-expectations provides a simple, readable API to express expected outcomes of a co...
2236rspec-coreBDD for Ruby. RSpec runner and example groups.
3337rspec-mocksRSpec's 'test double' framework, with support for stubbing and mocking
4532rspec-supportSupport utilities for RSpec gems
5661rspecBDD for Ruby
6116129rspec-railsrspec-rails is a testing framework for Rails 5+.
7126107webmockWebMock allows stubbing HTTP requests and setting expectations on HTTP requests.
8275580rspec-itsRSpec extension gem for attribute matching
9294231vcrRecord your test suite's HTTP interactions and replay them during future test runs for ...
107781,061rspec-collection_matchersCollection cardinality matchers, extracted from rspec-expectations
111,0861,328rspec-activemodel-mocksRSpec test doubles for ActiveModel and ActiveRecord
121,5671,357activerecord-nulldb-adapterA database backend that translates database interactions into no-ops. Using NullDB enab...
132,4232,550rspec-legacy_formattersSupport for RSpec 2.x formatters on 3.x
142,8243,462mail_safeMail safe provides a safety net while you're developing an application that uses Action...
157,3405,306qless`qless` is meant to be a performant alternative to other queueing systems, with statist...
167,4847,430rspec-autotestRSpec Autotest integration
178,05442,176interpolInterpol is a toolkit for working with API endpoint definition files, giving you a stub...
188,6644,855test_benchmarkerA tool for benchmarking ruby Test::Unit tests.
199,13842,176rippleripple is an object-mapper library for Riak, the distributed database by Basho. It use...
2017,45242,176rack-authenticateA rack middleware that authenticates requests either using basic auth or via signed HMAC.
2119,32242,176seomoz-e20_ops_middlewareAdds middleware for debugging purposes
2233,06442,176factory_data_preloaderA library for preloading test data in rails applications.
2347,10342,176uri_parserParses and normalizes URIs very quickly, using Google's URI canonicalization library
2452,80642,176email_blacklistBlacklist particular email addresses so ActionMailer doesn't deliver emails to them.
2561,76142,176column_timestampsWorks "automagically" like updated_at...just add a column named _updated_at, an...
2679,13536,511rspec-print_failures_eagerlyTweaks the built-in RSpec formatters to cause failures to be printed immediately when t...
2786,90242,176plinesPlines sits on top of Qless and makes it easy to define and run a pipeline of jobs.
2895,04342,176foo_gemWrite a gem description
2998,11329,917myronmarston-rack-clientA client wrapper around a Rack app or HTTP
30102,85242,176wp_validatorsCurrently includes a URL validator.
31107,74342,176rack-rekonProxies rekon as a rack app so you can include it in your rack-based riak application.
32109,39242,176qless-campfireGet Campfire notifications for jobs you're tracking in your qless queue.
33109,48242,176qless-growlGet Growl notifications for jobs you're tracking in your qless queue.
34110,12942,176seomoz-json-schemaRuby JSON Schema Validator
35141,52842,176seomoz-rippleripple is an object-mapper library for Riak, the distributed database by Basho. It use...
36143,38842,176seomoz-riak-clientriak-client is a rich client for Riak, the distributed database by Basho. It supports t...