Jrochkind's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,7022,200dig_rbArray/Hash/Struct#dig backfill for ruby
21,7272,499rsolrRSolr aims to provide a simple and extensible library for working with Solr
32,0702,998scrub_rbPure-ruby polyfill of MRI 2.1 String#scrub, for ruby 1.9 and 2.0 any interpreter
42,3261,623content_dispositionRuby gem to create HTTP Content-Disposition headers with proper escaping/encoding of fi...
53,1332,526active-fedoraActiveFedora provides for creating and managing objects in the Fedora Repository Archit...
63,3113,748unidecoderA port of Perl's Unidecoder to Ruby. Transliterates Unicode strings to an ASCII approxi...
74,0302,853blacklightBlacklight is an open source Solr user interface discovery platform. You can use Bl...
84,7509,425oaiA ruby library for working with the Open Archive Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harve...
94,8407,056hydra-headHydra-Head is a Rails Engine containing the core code for a Hydra application.
105,0238,494marcA ruby library for working with Machine Readable Cataloging
115,2757,742hydra-access-controlsAccess controls for project hydra
125,3197,335hydra-coreHydra-Head is a Rails Engine containing the core code for a Hydra application. The full...
135,65914,792solrizerUse solrizer to populate solr indexes. You can run solrizer from within your app, usin...
145,71211,815omOM (Opinionated Metadata): A library to help you tame sprawling XML schemas like MODS. ...
156,02910,383confstructA simple, hash/struct-based configuration object
166,51619,535rubydoraFedora Commons REST API ruby library
176,7715,540browse-everythingAJAX/Rails engine file browser for cloud storage services
186,78316,301jettywrapperSpin up a jetty instance (e.g., the one at https://github.com/projecthydra/hydra-jetty)...
196,93711,355hydraProject Hydra Stack Dependencies
207,07411,625hydra-derivativesDerivative generation plugin for hydra
217,16811,815ldpLinked Data Platform client library
227,27814,312hydra-file_characterizationTo provide a wrapper for file characterization
237,33810,949hydra-editorA basic metadata editor for hydra-head
247,40113,557hydra-worksUsing this data model should enable easy collaboration amongst Samvera projects.
257,64021,852qaProvides a set of uniform RESTful routes to query any controlled vocabulary or set of a...
268,2296,562blacklight_advanced_searchBlacklight Advanced Search plugin
278,55615,746hydra-pcdmPortland Common Data Model (PCDM)
288,8895,416blacklight_range_limitBlacklight Range Limit plugin
299,07831,865trajectAn easy to use, high-performance, flexible and extensible metadata transformation syste...
309,091120,743sufiaSufia extends the robust Hydra framework to provide a user interface around common repo...
319,09910,062active_encodeThis gem provides an interface to transcoding services such as Ffmpeg, Amazon Elastic T...
329,45238,913rack_request_blockerHandle race conditions in Rails JS feature tests caused by outstanding overlapping acti...
339,76716,709iiif_manifestIIIF http://iiif.io/ defines an API for presenting related images in a viewer. This tra...
349,87827,799ensure_valid_encodingFor ruby 1.9 strings, replace bad bytes in given encoding with replacement strings, _or...
359,95032,815ipaddr_range_setconvenience class to create a set of possibly discontiguous IP address range segments, ...
369,9589,483hyraxHyrax is a featureful Samvera front-end based on the latest and greatest Samvera softwa...
3710,29161,555sufia-modelsModels and services for sufia
3810,38618,134hydra-collectionsA rails engine for managing Hydra Collections
3910,40110,012active_fedora-noidNoid identifier services for ActiveFedora-based applications.
4010,5445,416curation_concernsA Rails Engine that allows an application to CRUD CurationConcern objects (a.k.a. "Works")
4110,82122,371openurla Ruby library to create, parse and use NISO Z39.88 OpenURLs
4211,2335,540attr_jsonActiveRecord attributes stored serialized in a json column, super smooth. For Rails 5.0...
4311,37997,183umlautFor Libraries, a just-in-time last-mile service aggregator, taking OpenURL input
4411,45527,799hydra-batch-editRails engine to do batch editing with curation_concerns
4511,58210,949bixbyA Style Configuration for RuboCop
4611,72861,555formatted_rails_loggerFormatting capabilities for Rails BufferedLogger
4711,88518,134noid-railsNoid identifier services for Rails-based applications.
4812,26124,667samvera-nesting_indexerSamvera nested collections indexing
4913,54019,535hydra-role-managementRails engine to do user roles in an RDBMS for hydra-head
5013,67417,616iiif-image-apiRuby APIs for working with IIIF
5113,92912,318active_fedora-registered_attributesAn ActiveFedora extension for registring attributes
5214,02443,887cap_git_toolsre-usable, composable Capistrano tasks for git tagging and other work with a git repo
5314,4328,676bento_searchAn abstraction/normalization layer for querying and displaying results for external sea...
5415,46622,371hydra-remote_identifierHandles the registration and minting of remote identifiers (i.e. DOI, ARK, ORCID)
5516,23221,852hydra-pbcoreA Hydra gem that offers PBCore datastream definitions using OM
5616,458120,743solrizer-fedoraAn extension to projecthydra/solrizer that provides utilities for loading objects from ...
5717,84424,667fcrepo_adminA Rails engine for administrative access to a Fedora Commons repository based on the Hy...
5817,9449,826curateA data curation Ruby on Rails engine built on Hydra and Sufia
5922,15813,137blacklight_cqlBlacklight CQL plugin
6023,19732,815hydra-tutorialTutorial that works through setting up a hydra head
6123,41912,645activefedora-aggregationAggregations for active-fedora
6224,58122,371active_fedora_relsintActiveFedora library to allow use of RELS-INT to track RDF assertions about datastreams...
6324,851120,743traject_horizonHorizon ILS MARC Exporter, a plugin for the traject tool
6425,51714,312borrow_directRuby tools for interacting with the Borrow Direct consortial services
6526,09932,815hybagA Hydra gem for adding BagIt functionality to ActiveFedora models.
6627,36532,815fedora_lensA client for Fedora Commons Repository (fcrepo) version 4
6729,94016,972blacklight_marcMARC support for Blacklight
6830,79913,674curation_concerns-modelsAn extensible repository data-model with works and and many attached files
6930,94640,252orcidA Rails engine for orcid.org integration.
7032,20331,865active_fedora-datastreamsXML and RDF datastreams for ActiveFedora
7132,36942,089hydra-validationsValidations for Hydra applications, based on ActiveModel::Validations
7232,37222,371cql-rubyCQL Parser, with serialization from cql node tree to cql, xcql, and solr query
7333,38727,799geo_concernsRails engine for Hydra Geo models. Built around Curation Concerns engine.
7435,19453,556fedora-migrateMigrates data (models, datastreams, content) from a Fedora3 repository to Fedora4
7538,05653,556hydra-modsHydra MODS components split out from hydra-head
7638,09756,899marc-marc4jProvides converters (and bundled jar files if you don't already have your own) to conve...
7740,94435,054geomashParse string for potential geographic matches and return that data along with the TGN I...
7841,47861,555lcsortSort-order-normalize Library of Congress call numbers and determine search ranges for l...
7944,65576,952hydra-ldapA gem for managing groups with ldap
8047,04233,778chosen_assetsChosen is a javascript library of select box enhancer for jQuery and Protoype. This gem...
8148,22327,105kitheShareable tools/components for building a digital collections app in Rails.
8252,298120,743worthwhileA self-deposit system with works and and many attached files
8356,08256,899hydra-migrateSimple migrations for Hydra objects
8458,309120,743traject-marc4j_readerAllows jruby users to leverage marc-marc4j to use marc4j as a reader under traject.
8563,022120,743umlaut_borrow_directUmlaut plugin for BorrowDirect linking
8669,35061,555lazy_global_recordLazy loading of 'interesting' ActiveRecord model id's, thread-safely and with easy cach...
8770,35461,555linked_vocabsLinked Data Controlled Vocabularies for ActiveFedora::Rdf.
8877,341120,743share_notifyProvides basic API integration with ShareNotify
8980,55253,556geo_worksRails engine for Hydra Geo models. Built around the Hyrax engine.
9081,364120,743solidus_mailchimp_syncSolidus -> Mailchimp Ecommerce synchronization
9182,691120,743traject_sequel_writerPlug-in for traject, write to an rdbms with Sequel gem
92102,18731,865faster_s3_urlGenerate public and presigned AWS S3 GET URLs faster
93110,972120,743rails_stackviewTools for integrating the stackview browsing JS UI with Rails
94118,19243,887huborgMake changes to Organization Repositories en-masse.
95119,977120,743order_upBackend agnostic queuing implementation
96133,124120,743single_use_linksDescription of SingleUseLinks.
97145,767120,743umlaut_journal_tocsUmlaut plugin for Recent Articles display from JournalTocs
98150,42397,183html_aware_truncationYet another ruby html-aware truncation routine
99157,86297,183hydra-grouperThe long awaited separation of groups and roles for Project Hydra.