Eagletmt's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
13,8054,586switch_pointSwitching database connection between readonly one and writable one.
27,86116,009hakoDeploy Docker container
37,8698,244expeditorExpeditor provides asynchronous execution and fault tolerance for microservices
48,1518,186chankoChanko is a Rails extension tool
58,91210,140garage_clientRuby client library for the Garage API
68,94312,727famlFaster implementation of Haml template language.
79,6787,641haml_parserParser of Haml template language
811,53933,245raven-transports-fluentdSend error logs to sentry via fluentd.
913,30612,168jsonnetWraps the official C++ implementation of Jsonnet
1013,88719,575s3_assets_uploaderUpload Rails assets to S3.
1114,4096,806barbequeJob queue system to run job with Docker
1214,42892,897mamiyaDeploy tool using tarballs and serf for lot of servers
1316,45228,429rrrspec-clientExecute RSpec in a distributed manner
1416,9829,044acmesmithAcmesmith is an [ACME (Automatic Certificate Management Environment)](https://github.co...
1517,69010,302blousonFilter tools to mask sensitive data in various logs
1620,01013,538barbeque_clientBarbeque client for Ruby
1725,98013,868akabeiCustom repository manager for ArchLinux pacman
1830,25628,429rrrspec-serverExecute RSpec in a distributed manner
1930,54828,429rrrspec-webExecute RSpec in a distributed manner
2031,73392,897tableau_server_clientREST API Client for Tableau Server.
2135,09828,429rrrspecExecute RSpec in a distributed manner
2237,87692,897fast_hamlFaster implementation of Haml template language.
2350,46692,897comic_walkerClient library for ComicWalker
2464,71029,217activerecord-attribute_converterTransparent conversion for ActiveRecord
2568,25692,897hako-vaultProvide variables from Vault to hako
2672,68492,897gem_collectorCollect gems used by applications
2776,30192,897libsshRuby binding for libssh.
2882,98092,897hako-etcenvProvide variables from etcd to hako using etcenv
29102,96492,897kaedeScheduler for recpt1 recorder using Syoboi Calendar
30122,44548,393activerecord-exception-adapterActiveRecord adapter that raises an exception when used