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146901-146920 of all 158,021 gems.
146,889819boomboxAn incredibly tiny Shoutcast server that can be embedded into Ruby applications.
146,889819zeta_hunterLibrary code for ZetaHunter.
146,889819hanabiProviding scaffolds for em-midori project
146,889819SIValueVery simple, only has thousand, millions, billions
146,889819t_t_view_toolProvides generated HTML dat for Rails applications.
146,889819listjsIt will be use for seach, sort, filter any Div element, li , table content.
146,889819magnet_linkmagnet links parser
146,889819ironic_ruby_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for rails applications
146,889819robberyHTML scraper
146,910818wazuh-rbWazuh client for Ruby.
146,910818azure_mgmt_maintenanceOfficial Ruby client library to consume Maintenance
146,910818fluent-plugin-siteguard-parserSiteGuard multi log parser.
146,910818gem_chuoi_hotthu nghiem gem chuoi hot
146,910818mrdotballard_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby tutorial palindrome detector
146,910818ruhaA simple hello pidar gem
146,910818clickatell_api_clientGem which is a wrapper written in Ruby for Clickatell API.
146,910818jekyll-flat-apiThe design is inspired by the beautifully designed API of unsplash.
146,910818textme-jtjText memory verse and image to user
146,910818remote_syslog_logger_tcpA ruby Logger that sends UDP directly to a remote syslog endpoint
146,910818stravaClient for Strava's V3 API, with a friendly object oriented approach to Strava resources.