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146,974926rawgAn API wrapper for
146,974926nokotime-ruby-clientRuby client for Noko API. #ruby #client #nokotime
146,974926fullscreen_tuiA simple fullscreen wrapper for terminal uis
146,974926nccoBuild and validate Nexmo Call Control Objects (NCCOs) with a simple API
146,974926bchessParsing and validating a chess games and returning as chess game objects
146,974926spain_phoneValidates Spanish landlines and mobile numbers. There are also methods to get province ...
146,974926onfocusio-mobileesp_convertedAutoconverted version (from Java to Ruby) of MobileESP library.
146,974926sbformatFormats the rspec results beautifully in html
146,974926jekyll-ampAmp Generator for Jekyll
146,974926jwt_naclA Ruby JSON Web Token implementation using NaCl Ed25519 digital signatures from the ...
146,974926ventura_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
146,974926sms_authA Rails engine for quickly adding SMS authentication to a Rails API
146,974926solutionThis is hte solution, you will thank me
146,974926rabbit-slide-znz-lilo-20170107前回の発表以降の の管理の話をします。
146,974926cloacaCloaca providers a library of transformations for CSV files and other row structured data.
146,974926prct08Listas doblemente enlazadas para la representacion de los menus dieteticos
146,974926dieta_alu0100816518Desarrollar una gema con un menu
146,974926prct6lppGema para la prácticas de laboratorio 6, 7, 8 y 9, con la clase Dieta y Lista.
146,974926prct11_abianLa clase Diet está compuesta por una seria de atributos que representan: el contenido e...