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Most downloads over all time
147001-147020 of all 154,761 gems.
146,988637capistrano-napkinAn unrestictive way to deploy using gitflow and capistrano
146,988637npm_apiget stats from npm's stats service
146,988637rushourGem that controlls when OpenTTD should be paused
146,988637jekyll-page_extensionsA plugin for Jekyll that extends the capabilities of the page class
146,988637farribas_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
146,988637fpj-railsGem for Fullpge.js library
146,988637rack-bucklerMiddleware that will make Rack-based apps communicate with buckler client. Read more he...
146,988637kiio_labs_view_toolProvides general html data for Rails applications.
146,988637github_notifyEasily send comments to GitHub issues
147,011636csbA simple and streaming support CSV template engine for Ruby on Rails.
147,011636kugiruA simple and streaming support CSV template engine for Ruby on Rails.
147,011636hateblo-mixed-contents-finderHelper tools for Hatena blog HTTPS migration
147,011636hawkerScrap the most popular websites without the knowledge about the page structure or API a...
147,011636stupid-cryptA super insecure crypto gem for ruby.
147,011636schema-validatorA JSON schema validation tool.
147,011636big_3Team and player statistics from the Big3 basketball league.
147,011636exif-aerialAdds latitude, longitude, altitude accessors.
147,011636otp-cliTOTP/HOTP CLI