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147021-147040 of all 155,365 gems.
147,014672activeadmin-qiniu_inputActiveAdmin Inputs for using qiniu to upload image or video.
147,014672sp-excel-loaderExtends RubyXL adding handling of excel tables and other conversion utilies
147,014672authorize_rbacRule Based Access Control gem for Ruby on Rails applications
147,014672timequizPlay a history quiz.
147,014672codeclimate-api-ruby-clientCodeClimate API client.
147,014672CarRegistrationRussiaFind Car details from a number plate in Russia. An Account is required from http://www....
147,014672CarRegistrationEstoniaFind Car details from a number plate in Estonia. An Account is required from http://www...
147,014672cronutA simple cron parser
147,014672ruby-constantsAdds constants to ruby
147,014672logstash-input-bbcidynamodbThis gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
147,031671jekyll-volcanizedA jekyll theme that uses the solarized color palette with many customizable options. Ch...
147,031671yandex_cloudAPI wrapper for Yandex Cloud services, such as Yandex.Translate
147,031671behaveableGet behaveable object for attachments on Ruby and Rails applications
147,031671persona-jekyllA simple personal page theme for Jekyll.
147,031671jekyll-plantastischPlantUML diagrams in Jekyll pages
147,031671embulk-input-search_analyticsLoads records from Search Analytics.
147,031671tl1Define, send, and receive TL1 messages
147,031671ssl_certificateWrapper of OpenSSL::X509::Certificate
147,031671cornichonA gherkin transpiler that allows you to write cucumber (gherkin) features programatical...
147,031671exekMost existing gems that address command execution provide a limited interface or lack n...