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146961-146980 of all 159,688 gems.
146,946927nfe-signerGem criada para interagir com o sistema de notas fiscais eletronicas do governo brasileiro
146,946927csv_toola tool that helps you manipulate csv files
146,946927MyEinsteinA Simple and Funny Math
146,946927mushin_dsf_gitpartyGitParty is a mushin-based DSF for doing all Git things
146,946927coffeewordContent publication platform
146,946927Dieta-alu0100845235Permite las definiciones de menús dietéticos diarios y semanales
146,946927Dietas-alu0100818130"Desarollo TDD de la clase dieta utilizando Bundler"
146,946927pract07Implementacion de una lista de listas para almacenar menus dietéticos.
146,946927make_life_harderAdd, subtract, multiply like a pro!
146,946927snowyPure ruby identicon implement with the snow crystal motif
146,946927lita-odot-tripcheck-web-hackODOT Tripcheck Cameras
146,946927month_yearA MonthYear instance represents a specific month in a specific year. It implements comp...
146,946927logstash-filter-pythonThis gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
146,974926substrate_client.rbRuby Substrate RPC Client
146,974926attractor-rubyAttractor plugin for the Ruby programming language and its ecosystem
146,974926rabbit-slide-hasumikin-ToyamaRubyKaigi01The Presentation for RubyKaigiToyama01 by hasumikin
146,974926simple_nts_clientSimple NTS(Network Time Security) Client
146,974926jolox_view_toolProvides generated HTML for Rails applications.
146,974926wikipond-jekyllA quick and simple responsive project wiki theme for jekyll sites and GitHub Pages.
146,974926hola_danielmakeit3A simple hello world gem