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152581-152600 of all 155,365 gems.
152,577394gbeaconGrafana beacon
152,577394bindy-boibindy.boi method does not work by default with Pry. Fix this bug by restoring bindy.boi...
152,577394kamishibaiRemote manga reader. Read manga anywhere using a web browser.
152,577394connpass_to_calendarRegister connpass's event in gmail
152,577394koine-sql_builderSQL builder for writing SQL queries
152,587393stb_image_ffiVery naive bindings for stb_image.h. Implements only stbi_set_flip_vertically_on_load a...
152,587393jekyll-openmojiOpenMoji emoji plugin for Jekyll
152,587393ttl2htmlStatic site generator for RDF/Turtle
152,587393rusty_lruThis gem provides an LRU cache with an interface close to Hash. It uses Rutie to wrap...
152,587393nthrutNo Thrills HTML Renderer using Tilt (NThrut).
152,587393hola_lauracbA simple hello world gem
152,587393hwcv_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
152,587393glim-encode-emailEncode email addresses using HTML entities.
152,587393style_pusherExecutable gem file
152,587393cymonCymon is the largest open tracker of malware, phishing, botnets, spam, and more. Brough...
152,587393taxon.benforevaTaxon lets you write class-free Ruby programs that are extremely explicit about the ent...
152,587393railshtmlsanitizerYou probably meant `gem install rails-html-sanitizer`.
152,587393mimetypesdataYou probably meant `gem install mime-types-data`.
152,600392tolex%q{A Jekyll boilerplate theme designed to be a starting point for any Jekyll website.}