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152641-152660 of all 154,829 gems.
152,637350casemanager_clientNo description provided (generated by Openapi Generator
152,637350kumolus-paranoiaYou would use this Paranoia gem if you wished that when you called destroy on an Ac...
152,637350tinycaptchaThis is a gem wrapper for tiny captcha in C with no dependencies.
152,637350kkclark_view_toolA gem to help handle view things like copyright
152,637350choota_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
152,637350rceT-O-D-O ('cause fuck `gem`): Write a longer description or delete this line.
152,647349activemerchant-flexpayActive Merchant extension to support
152,647349blog_apiA Ruby wrapper of the api of my personal blog.
152,647349functionable-jsonGenerate JSON with JavaScript functions from ruby hash
152,647349solidus_bank_transferBank Transfer
152,647349dj_copyright_toolProvides general HTML data for Rails applications.
152,647349saikoudaInput saikouda command, then a man appear who is raising his fist. It's just a joke co...
152,647349roda-websocketsThe roda-websockets gem integrates async-websockets into the roda web toolkit.
152,647349puppet-lint-cuddled_else-checkA puppet-lint plugin to check that manifest files do not have cuddled else blocks.
152,647349princeton_standard_librariesSimple jruby wrapper around the original java lib
152,647349at_emailAn email management and support toolkit
152,647349cocoapods-templatesCocoapods plugin to install Xcode templates from a remote source
152,647349rb_battleshipImplementation of the Battleship code kata
152,647349kaizenkaizen your Rails application using a gem test.
152,647349simpleprintgem created for testing purpose