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153001-153020 of all 155,365 gems.
152,985368offsite_payments_przelewy24This gem extends the activemerchant offsite_payments gem providing integration of Przel...
152,985368logstash-output-rollbar-6This gem is a logstash plugin. Install using: $LS_HOME/bin/plugin install gemname. This...
152,985368packet_genieMagically streaming live packet captures with a simple REST API
153,004367dynormThis is a simple wrapper for AWS SDK DynamoDB.
153,004367hola_adel_muurseppA simple hello world gem
153,004367notification_gatewaySimple gem to push notification using different push notification providers like (pubnub)
153,004367coin_paymentsFully implements API
153,004367respon_corecore gem for respon
153,004367fluent-plugin-bunyan-to-google-cloud-loggingFluentd plugin to parse bunyan format logs and to transfer Google Cloud Logging.
153,004367omniauth-framgiaFramgia OAuth2 Strategy for OmniAuth
153,004367fiat_stripeThis gem is designed to be used by Fiat Insight developers on Rails projects that need ...
153,004367win_aliasManage simple bat scripts to easily generate aliases in Windows.
153,004367my_test_laThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
153,004367yjtoolyjtool command tool, Common tools
153,004367scoppaRuby version of Scoppa (Italian Card Game)
153,016366reference_serviceMasterCard Reference Service Description
153,016366fastlane-plugin-update_app_nameupdate app name
153,016366sql-migrations-railsRails plugin. Allows you to write plain SQL migrations without Ruby code.
153,016366rails_environment_seedsUse the split seeds per environments
153,016366fluent-plugin-uuid2podnamea fluent plugin by geovisor