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153081-153100 of all 155,365 gems.
153,071363cloudflare-dynamic-dnsDont rely on shady tools for updating your ip.
153,071363has_secure_whateverAdd secure encrypted fields to protect sensitive information in database
153,071363lita-doubler-iamarmanjonDoubles numbers - simple demo skill
153,071363himekoAWS IAM access key self service & management console federated login
153,071363get_view_nameGet rendered view name not action
153,071363TauHelloHello from Tau!
153,071363webgothonA game from the book LRTHW
153,088362smtp-patchEnhance Ruby net/smtp library to be never interrupted by errors while mail sending to m...
153,088362nagoriyukiDistributed id generator
153,088362nemwebA Ruby client for
153,088362share-linkCreate shareable links
153,088362ecocashEcoCash is the easiest way to accept mobile payments online. See ...
153,088362mobb-activerecordExtends mobb with ActiveRecord helpers.
153,088362vta_view_toolAt the momment it can only build a copyright.
153,088362rb21An example gem that can serve as a base for making a blackjack game in Ruby
153,088362deepak_gemProvides generated HTML data for rails application
153,088362shitty_developer_simulatorWant to know what it's like to have me in your dev team? This gem is for you!
153,088362treasure-gameIntro to Ruby course covering essential elements of language
153,088362league_track_abrophyLeagueTrack is a commandline ruby gem for calculating the final score for a league give...