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153021-153040 of all 155,365 gems.
153,016366electroA simple theme inspired by Electron App.
153,016366byteobjectByteObject is a module designed to make working with exact-length byte values in Ruby p...
153,016366co-kamishibaiMini standalone Manga/Comic/CBZ Mini Web Server
153,016366s3-website-deployS3 Website deploy tool.
153,016366peelThought experiment with ORM design, inspired by Gregory Brown's Broken Record project
153,016366molecularBuild reusable, tweakable UI elements out of atomic CSS classes, in any Ruby app.
153,016366evil-metrics-railsEasy collecting your Rails apps metrics
153,016366dark_prismSimple and straightforward event dispatching for ruby
153,016366sean-conneryYep, shpeshial
153,016366omniauth-tinkOfficial OmniAuth strategy for Tink.
153,016366mgznv_view_toolProvides generated html data for rails applications.
153,016366twine-link-checkerIt should extract and test file paths from a variety of documents, but this is a "quick...
153,016366html_texSimple conversion tool from HTML to TeX. Ignores all styling.
153,016366termtableTable generator for the terminal
153,016366tippAn app used to generate tip value based on inputs.
153,016366tunnelupTunnelup cli
153,037365comma-api-rbComma and Athena API ruby library (prototype - this version is currently in WIP, public...
153,037365jdx-rails-settingsThis is improved from rails-settings, added caching. Settings plugin for Rails that m...
153,037365activerecord_time_scopesA collection of time scopes for activerecord, including created_after/created_before/up...
153,037365cocoapods-generate-minlisonpod gen allows you to keep your Podfile and podspecs as the single source of truth for ...