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153041-153060 of all 154,829 gems.
153,032328ffprobeffprobe yo
153,032328white-rabbitTheme for Marcus Relacion's personal website
153,032328EasyMapperAllows you to create a map that effectively defines the way the hash is mapped
153,032328translatable-railsAdd translatable capabilities to rails models through json based database fields.
153,032328compare-cryptoget prices for most wanted crypto currencies
153,032328odd-toolsWrite a longer description or delete this line.
153,032328mcprefThe start of something deliciously unneeded.
153,048327cryptotoolsCryptographic tools.
153,048327moderate_parametersA tool for migrating Rails applications from Protected Attributes to Strong Parameters.
153,048327abneed_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
153,048327holiday_checkerThe Gem for respond about current date is hoday or not
153,048327helloworld_satA simple hello world gem
153,048327bytomBytom SDK for ruby
153,048327nonono_sender-httpNononoSender for HTTP
153,048327ruby_fire_cliThis gem provides you an ability to run any Ruby method from command-line (no any code ...
153,048327spritpreisrechnerRuby Wrapper for the Spritpreisrechner HTTP API
153,048327logstash-input-multi-rdsIngest RDS log files to Logstash with competing consumers and multiple databases
153,048327eyraruby serialization/deserialization tool
153,048327mane_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails application
153,048327excelsieurProvides a concise DSL to map, validate and import data from an excel sheet into your r...