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153201-153220 of all 154,761 gems.
153,196309bacon-custom_matchers_messagesAllows add errors messages for `bacon` custom matchers
153,196309howler_jsA gem for importing the howler.js audio library into Rails projects.
153,196309fully_freezeA deep, recursive freeze and freeze tester.
153,196309landerVisually displays data structures to make solving coding challenges easier.
153,196309awesome_sr_gemawesome_sr_gem is the best
153,196309jsonrbBuild JSON from multiple Ruby sources that output a Hash or Array.
153,196309origen_armOrigen subblocks modeling ARM cores.
153,196309rubocop-cop-lint-negative_pThis cop checks for method call Numeric#negative?
153,196309open_access_reporterFind salient Open Access data and derive a classification for a research output with a ...
153,196309json_blobCreate `` tags to safely send data to the UI. Yo...
153,196309embulk-input-druginfo_interview_formLoads records from Druginfo Interview Form.
153,196309crossbelt-ipfsA crossbelt plugin that adds export and cli commands for IPFS
153,196309gemconsoleCommand-line utility for working with a gem in irb
153,196309viscachaShared memory cache for ActiveSupport, leveraging the localmemcache gem.
153,196309dogearSimple wrapper around the DogEar API
153,196309error_reporterAn adapter for error reporting services.
153,217308rswagger-uiExpose beautiful API documentation, that's powered by Swagger JSON endpoints, including...
153,217308komtetRuby client for
153,217308old_poetryA simple gothic poetry generator.
153,217308danger-detektThis plugin is used in order to integrate detekt in danger