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157601-157620 of all 162,563 gems.
157,596574rubygemsupdateYou probably meant `gem install rubygems-update`.
157,596574cryptomkt-rubyWrapper for Cryptomkt API
157,596574rails-assets-bulma-dividerDisplay a vertical or horizontal divider to segment your design.
157,596574parsed_dataData parsing, updating and transformation library.
157,596574yuytterertMarvel Comics API SDK
157,596574randoneuse as active record relation method
157,607573shuTrack issues on GitHub and GitLab.
157,607573exercism-local-tooling-webserverA local webserver for Exercism tooling
157,607573spoonerizeSpoonerize phrases from the command line. Comes with an API
157,607573andrew_saysThe 'Simon says' of Andrew Fomera's love of Minitest
157,607573adder360slonger description summary here test360.
157,607573jekyll-minimal-dark-orangeA simple and mininalistic theme for Jekyll
157,607573hello-rubygemsMy first gem. Let's say hello to rubygems.
157,607573mobikitLaunch your mobile app landing in a seconds.
157,607573active_excelThis is a gem which allows you to build ActiveRecord objects from an Excel file with va...
157,607573stupid_spacesRemove leading and trailing spaces from ActiveRecord string attributes
157,607573wciWibbleCity Libs
157,607573assert-activerecordHelpers for testing ActiveRecords in Assert test suites.
157,607573hola_reiallenramosA simple hello world gem
157,607573brazilian-utilsUtils library for specific Brazilian business.