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157621-157640 of all 162,563 gems.
157,607573trix_scientificA modified version of Basecamp's Trix Editor for use in scientific applications. Modif...
157,607573janaki_studio_gamePragmatic Studio Tutorial
157,607573rich-textA ruby wrapper and utilities for rich text JSON documents.
157,607573output-syslogThis gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
157,607573grim_objectGenerate grim Heroku-like object names.
157,607573kuziraExtend Ruby object as ActiveModel::AttributeAssignment
157,607573jbaez_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
157,607573ifttt_pushThis provides a common interface for a simple push notification using You wi...
157,607573linesmenProvides a way to work with complexness of time ranges.
157,607573hello_fjzinkA simple hello world gem
157,607573greed_chidoPractically you only need to press enter all the game, and make some nice time when you...
157,607573pry-octokitpry ❤ octokit
157,607573shape2workSimple gem to read shape files and convert to another format
157,607573salesforce-einsteinAPI client for Salesforce Einstein(
157,607573usernotificationYou will have to create a notification table with: notification table=> user_id:who ...
157,607573the-adminThe Admin Gem for The Admin Theme. Not for public use.
157,607573sdfsdfsdf232Simple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
157,607573octofartAutomate bulk update of code from repositories within your organization, like the wind. :)
157,607573yutyrtretMarvel Comics API SDK
157,607573ruboty-typetalktypetalk rubyty adapter.