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157681-157700 of all 158,132 gems.
157,680131rack-builtwithRemove your site from
157,682130jekyll-tscprovides automatic compilation of typescript files to javascript files for your jekyll ...
157,683129octicons_v2_helperA rails helper that makes including svg Octicons simple.
157,683129pendantThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
157,685128yafoy-oembedA Ruby gem listing OEmbed resources for Yafoy projects
157,685128logstash-filter-record_splitThis plugin can split array
157,685128lazy_blob_storageLow traffic site? Small file upload needs? Don't want to setup a cloud service? Lazy Bl...
157,688127time_methodTime Method allows easy setting of runtime without having to alter ...
157,688127enrouteExport Rails routes to TypeScript definitions
157,690125logstash-output-mongodb_customThis gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
157,690125fedex_shipProvides an interface to Upgraded Fedex Web Services
157,690125basic_temperatureValue object for basic temperature operations like conversions from Celcius to Fahrenha...
157,690125ruby_ex_orgAttempting to build a gem
157,690125nil_nilAll undefined methods called on NilClass return nil
157,690125fake_apiThe fastest way to prototype API in your Rails app using Faker and mix of rails routes,...
157,690125embulk-input-cassandraLoads records from Cassandra.
157,690125cpe23Library for parsing, generating, and matching CPEs
157,698124mm_toolA tool for curating your movie files.
157,699123vertoVerto helps you to versionate your project
157,699123usedbyusedby is a command line tool to discover all dependents of ruby gems across a github o...