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157661-157680 of all 158,132 gems.
157,657140noceboA short summary, because RubyGems requires one.
157,662139blank_gemA blank/empty Ruby gem that does nothing. Useful for testing that only specific Bundler...
157,662139omniauth-wipWIP ( OAuth 2 Strategy for OmniAuth.
157,662139ashladh_palindromePalindrome exercise
157,662139xapixctlxapix client library and command line tool
157,662139pyrbPy.rb adds basic syntax features from Python 3.0 to ruby which are nice to have; input(...
157,667138devise-activeresourcePlugin to use Active Resource in Devise
157,667138ulid_fastULID Ruby C Extension
157,667138todoable_wrapperA Teachable todo list gem
157,667138flutter_polyglot_cliA CLI for pulling polyglot translations and generating Flutter Source Files
157,671137logstash-filter-maskmask the sensitive keys
157,671137jsonplaceholder_apiA ruby wrapper to JSONPlaceholder api
157,674136digest_streebogRuby implementation of STREEBOG (GOST R 34.11-2012) hash function; compatible with Open...
157,675135potamusA utility tool for building Docker images
157,676134ix-cliix - string manipulation tools
157,676134transmitAn effortless way to update Rails views using action cable
157,676134velveteenVelveteen provides a lightweight, opinionated framework for setting up a RabbitMQ data ...
157,679133pdiPentaho Data Integration allows for the creation of ETL transformation and jobs. This ...
157,680131random_word_by_lengthA RUBY CLI GEM for generating random words by length with description and other details.