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157,659528hoodimus_primeA little fundraiser simulation game with a grant and a matching fund thrown in for fun ...
157,659528nri_drafts-serviceClue code for interactions with the drafts service.
157,659528active_record-narcissusImproves the class reflection of relationships
157,659528image_hashgenerate a perceptual hash of any image using ImageMagick and a very simple algorithm
157,659528async-fluent-azure-eventhubs-pluginFluentd output plugin for Azure Event Hubs
157,659528kudosuSudoku solver and generator
157,659528cintron_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
157,659528correlationsCommand line gem for calculating Pearson correlation coefficients from data sets
157,659528fyoung_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
157,659528ezmlEZML (EZ Markup Language) is an elegant and fast templating engine. EZML is a layer bui...
157,659528metannotationThis Gem provides "annotation" for Ruby.
157,659528navi-email-syncWrite a longer description or delete this line.
157,659528open_api-loaderLoads OAS scheme and updates it to OAS3 standard
157,659528multiply_prime_numbers_tableThe program run from the command line and print a table to STDOUT. The first row and co...
157,676527guerrilla_mailXRuby gem to get mail from With this gem you can use guerrillamail ...
157,676527dpkg-s3Easily create and manage an APT repository on S3.
157,676527rdeunicodeRdeunicode is wrapper around deunicode that bring that awesome crate to Ruby. Enjoy.
157,676527backtraceioBacktrace I/O integration
157,676527multi_measureUseful for measuring blocks of code execution time.