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157641-157660 of all 162,563 gems.
157,641572mp3lyricsCLI for mp3 lyrics fetching. Uses ruby-mp3info and fetches different lyric wikis
157,641572sendingmailwithobserverObserver pattern for instant mail
157,641572dullA boring theme for Jekyll.
157,641572blackrugBlackrug is this groundbreaking parser that allows you to sweep markdown under the rug ...
157,641572rams-jekyll-feedA Jekyll plugin to generate an Atom feed of your Jekyll posts without the hard limit of...
157,641572ffprobeffprobe yo
157,641572active_record-narcissusImproves the class reflection of relationships
157,641572omniauth-pinterest2Pinterest OAuth2 Strategy for OmniAuth
157,641572if-you-are-botCounting bot install in Rubygems
157,641572hocsvHOCSV is a Ruby gem that converts an array of hashes to a CSV file.
157,641572jquery_narrowsAdd assets of jquery_narrows to ruby on rails
157,641572graphql-mockProvides a GraphQL mock server that allows testing client request against a provided sc...
157,641572fjordFunctional tools for Ruby
157,641572lazada_dinoA ruby wrapper for the Lazada API.
157,641572md-nokoThis is a simple module that encapsulates a set of desirable manipulations to the (X)HT...
157,641572kdnuggets_roundupGet last week's top data science articles from Yee haw!
157,641572maker-coursesI'll do this later.
157,641572simplicardYou can use this library to write a card game.
157,641572ohboyohboyohboy-sayAdd ANSI color codes to strings using a simple markup.
157,641572spectator-rbLibrary for instrumenting ruby applications, sending metrics to an Atlas aggregator ser...