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157741-157760 of all 162,563 gems.
157,731567siteguard_lite-log-parserA log parser for SiteGuard Lite WAF
157,731567naymorGenerates human readable unique-ish string
157,731567hkp_clientA minimalist HKP (OpenPGP HTTP Keyserver Protocol) client, which queries PGP public key...
157,731567rspec-ensure-unfilteredA plugin for ensuring your RSpec tests don't run with a filter (eg. `focus: true`); use...
157,731567goodboyA simple CQRS library for Ruby.
157,731567goldpricezGem to wrap Goldpricez API. This is unofficial gem (until now)
157,731567missing-i18n-highlighterThis gem highlights missing translations on page with background color.
157,731567seas_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails application.
157,731567nonull_migrationGenerate null false column in Rails migration.
157,731567reinhardtReinhardt coming soon.
157,731567shanu_gemshanu_gem is the best
157,731567udfhsjkdfhjksdhfkSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
157,731567liberateA gem that liberates your Android devices from USB cables during development.
157,755566peatio1.9Peatio gem contains microservices and command line tools
157,755566rubocop-bugcrowdWrite a longer description or delete this line.
157,755566metallica_logoThis gem uses an existing logo generation API to generate a Metallica like logo for a g...
157,755566xencoderEncode number to fixed length of characters, characters can be any digits, alphabets, s...
157,755566appbeatProvides a mountable endpoint to monitor all application and its components
157,755566decred_ruby_explorerRuby wrapper for the popular Decred blockchain query API service. Enables queries by bl...