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157701-157720 of all 162,563 gems.
157,692569kramdown-math-itex2mmlkramdown-math-itex2mml uses itex2mml to convert math elements to MathML
157,692569github-pages-unscramblegithub-pages-unscramble is a simple Jekyll plugin that undoes some runtime github-pages...
157,692569hl7-exporterA simple library to export messages from the ruby-hl7 gem
157,692569domainnameYou probably meant `gem install domain_name`.
157,692569flicksarcsSimple POC movie app
157,692569point_out_urlUse liberal Regex for All URLs to test url from text and ruby build in .gsub method to ...
157,692569foodie-cliA small utilities to make the food very fun.
157, jekyll site generator for maschine customers
157,692569rails_json_loggerRails JSON Logger that depends on the semantic logger gem
157,692569str_helper_rml_dplUseless String Helpers
157,711568number_tunesA tool to add track numbers to tune titles
157,711568groupdate2groupdate with support of SQL Server 2016+, and more features
157,711568kirtanp8_video_palindromeLearn Enough
157,711568strategicif/case conditionals can get really hairy in highly sophisticated business domains. Dom...
157,711568wpcrawlerA simple crawler that gets posts and pages from wordpress websites that have an exposed...
157,711568assert-activerecord4AssertActiveRecord adapter for ActiveRecord 4.
157,711568memclientThis library provides easy access to course databases on
157,711568toggleableToggleable gem provides basic toggle functionality
157,711568graphql-testingGraphQL Testing tools
157,711568invoice_countA CLI tool that counts the emmited invoices in a given period.