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157721-157740 of all 162,563 gems.
157,711568GABRIEL-QUIRSCHFELD-thermostat-exercisethe thermostat app for the software engineering exercise
157,711568ruby-nessus2Based on ruby-nessus. For internal testing only. Do not use this gem in production.
157,711568jiraquestImmersive jiraquest Text-based adventure game.
157,711568Gol_ColConway's Game of Life is awesome gem.
157,711568opal_vueThis is a warper lib base on opal and warp vue.js to opal
157,711568wertSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
157,711568priority_patientPriority indication
157,711568string_exampleUseless string helpers
157,711568java_gemtest java gem
157,711568prereleaseA gem with only a prerelease version.
157,731567asciidoctor-defmastershipasciidoctor-defmastership allows to define applicable definitions re...
157,731567betterfileA complete file describer
157,731567slottySlotty will determine the available time slots for a given period, taking in a set of p...
157,731567backtraceioBacktrace I/O integration
157,731567geolocationA gem which retrieves information about the place or coordinates provided
157,731567actionchatAction Chat allows you to build chatbots in Rails
157,731567abnfttLess shifty support for tools based on IETF's ABNF
157,731567banks_api-ynabSynchronize transactions from your bank account to YNAB
157,731567idempotent_blockExecute passed transaction block by once using database unique key.
157,731567database_backupBack up your rails database using rails configurations.