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166081-166100 of all 167,227 gems.
166,077359finleapfinleap gem description
166,077359kuby-memcachedMemcached plugin for Kuby.
166,077359sql_reporterSupplementary Gem to sql_tracker allowing you to compare query data bewteen files
166,077359turbo_test_static_analysisStatic analysis helpers
166,086358callereeCalleree helps to analyze Ruby's caller-callee relationships.
166,086358epopia-stripe-ruby-mockA drop-in library to test stripe without hitting their servers (Epopia version)
166,086358ledger_sync-xeroLedgerSync is a simple library that allows you to sync common objects to popular accoun...
166,086358lumioneConvert money in one currency into another
166,086358mtsWrite a longer description or delete this line.
166,086358lip_validatorSmall library to check if LIP doc has valid front matter
166,086358sourcebinCLI tool that works with .
166,086358voilkrubyClient for accessing the VOILK blockchain.
166,095357amocrm-railsRails wrapper API AmoCrm
166,095357affixAffix provides an unified API to access different payment gateways in Indonesia.
166,095357lumberjack_ecs_deviceA logging device for formatting logs in Elastic Container Schema (ECS) format for integ...
166,095357associated_scopeActiveRecord preloads works only with model associations, this gem allow to create dyna...
166,095357rbbit'rbbit' is a Class library and WebSocket server to use 'micro:bit'
166,095357turkish_regexpsRegular expression meet Turkish language. You can use character classes and meta charac...