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Most downloads over all time
166121-166140 of all 166,743 gems.
166,112248irix-jrubyIrix is implementing several crypto-exchange for Arke and Peatio.
166,112248gitlab-release-notesPopulate GitLab project's release notes based on git commits.
166,112248rbiRBI related tools.
166,112248ruby-argon2Argon2 placeholder
166,112248rodauth-jsonRodauth JSON extension
166,112248recursive_spyA recursive spy for code forensics and testing
166,112248rusty_helloWrite a longer description or delete this line.
166,112248ractor-channelAdd channels to Ractor.
166,129247circle_orbitThis gem brings in Circle activities to your Orbit workspace
166,129247GuzzlerA ruby gem to retrieve Fuel Economy information for vehicle from the API.
166,129247hello-world-rubygemsA `hello-world` gem, written in ruby, including tests (minitest), Rakefile and GitHub A...
166,129247lestaMarkdown and SCSS only Jekyll theme
166,129247hello_stripedpajamasHello from stripedpajamas
166,129247nbdevA docs theme made for nbdev:
166,129247sql-composerThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
166,129247textationSimple text analysis with Ruby
166,138246fluent-plugin-directoryA Fluentd input plugin to scan files recurrently from a directory
166,138246spy_alley_applicationRuns the Spy Alley Application
166,138246stress_release_yogaA simple CLI application that scrapes yoga poses and displays them to user.