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166101-166120 of all 166,743 gems.
166,092250spatial_relationshipsThis a Ruby Gem for calculating the space between celestial objects. As long as you don...
166,102249openstax_contentRuby bindings to read and parse the OpenStax ABL and the content archive
166,102249core-stateEasily manage object state.
166,102249nyc_greenthumb_gardensFilter through NYC's GreenThumb gardens by borough, ZIP code, parkname, or ID number. P...
166,102249jekyll-reading-timeGet the time needed to read a post
166,102249jekyll-get-elementGets a particular element from HTML content
166,102249rupldbRuby client for interacting with your REPLs Database.
166,102249textflight-clientTextFlight is a space-based text adventure MMO. https://league...
166,102249wi_xirrFast Newtonian method XIRR calculator for Ruby, matches Excel implementation of XIRR fo...
166,102249ractor-local_variableRactor-local storage
166,102249sportdb-writerssportdb-writers - sport.db writers for match schedules and results, and more
166,112248one44-coreMarks math problems
166,112248simple_utilitiesA simple utility gem
166,112248alsactlALSA wrapper in Ruby, utilizing a purely-abstract C-Ruby API backend and a pure Ruby mi...
166,112248prevent_goPreventGo sdk
166,112248mensajeroMensajero let's you deliver a messages through different messages platforms
166,112248shopify_subscription_plansThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
166,112248shopify-cookiesThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
166,112248fastlane-plugin-youtrackUse for communicating with YouTrack (fetching issue's info, adding comments and tags etc.)