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166141-166160 of all 167,227 gems.
166,141352arfafrln_helloA gem from Arief Afrilian
166,141352bootstrap_icons_railsbootstrap_icons_rails provides Bootstrap Icons support.
166,141352ruby_event_store-transformationsCommunity transformations for RubyEventStore mappers pipeline
166,141352ESBIA hybrid model of different systems of AI and rules based programming for different pur...
166,141352GPIlib for writing gems
166,141352ledger_sync-stripeLedgerSync is a simple library that allows you to sync common objects to popular accoun...
166,141352multi-background-jobA generic swappable background-job handling.
166,141352mos6502A 6502 microprocessor in ruby.
166,141352rabbit-slide-kou-scipy-japan-2020Apache Arrow is a cross-language development platform for in-memory data. You can use A...
166,141352yml2hConvert Ruby hashes to YAML & vice-versa
166,141352rack-jwt-decodeRack middleware to decode the JWT token and add the payload to the Rack env
166,141352query_response-active_recordThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
166,141352sidekiq_adhoc_schedulerTrigger job schedulers adhoc from Sidekiq web admin
166,154351active_admin-exportableAllow user to export/import of ActiveRecord records and associated records in ActiveAdmin.
166,154351akido_pubsubAllows for the reading and creation of pubsub channels/subscriptions
166,154351akido_libDescription of AkidoLib.
166,154351jekyll_theme_1017For my personal use
166,154351avrubyAn AVR emulator, in Ruby. This was written just for fun, to understand AVR.
166,154351appscms-themeA beautiful, minimal theme for Jekyll.
166,154351bib_cardGiven a URI for a bibliographic author entity, assemble useful information for producin...