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166161-166180 of all 167,227 gems.
166,154351blocksdk-rubyRuby library to help you build your crypto application on BlockSDK
166,154351uniqidA distributed unique ID generator inspired by Twitter's Snowflake.
166,154351gemtextProduces a Gemtext::Document of Gemtext::Nodes from a Ruby IO
166,154351rubyprobotThis package is meant for security research purposes and does not contain any useful code.
166,154351pokeloc_parserget information from Kyoto city bus location system
166,154351yehudaNamed after the dreamer who revived the hebrew language, yehuda was created out of my n...
166,167350chemlab-library-the-internetChemlab Library for "The Internet"
166,167350GreenGiantThemeA theme based on Green Giant FM's website.
166,167350rggen-vhdlVHDL writer plugin for RgGen
166,167350zxing_cpp_mac_big_surA barcode and QR code library that works with regular Ruby (not just JRuby). This gem c...
166,167350masterheaderA good utility to create a simple "about" section for your program
166,167350dora_web_upgraderMake use of web hooks that are triggered by pushing codeto a repository and have your a...
166,167350newrelic-telemetry_sdkSend your telemetry data to New Relic, no agent required.
166,167350majestyDoes majestic things
166,167350omniauth-zendesk_sellZendesk Sell strategy for OmniAuth
166,167350ru_bittrexthis gem is a ruby wrapper for the bittrex API
166,167350ripliScrap web for free proxies and save them separated by type
166,167350sorucoder_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Ruby on Rails applications.
166,179349activerecord-materialize-adapterMaterialize is a streaming database for real-time applications. Materialize accepts inp...
166,179349ii_policyA base policy to support management of authorization logic