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166741-166760 of all 167,227 gems.
166,741302movie_recommenderThis a CLI app that recommends recent movies
166,741302heroku-runtime-api: Write a longer description or delete this line.
166,741302higher_order_functionsHigher-order functions
166,741302mothssi_dummyA dummy gem
166,741302Depression666This gem show you assets of stock.
166,741302integration_apiThe Hydrogen Integration API
166,741302inevitable_cacophonyInevitable Cacophony processes the musical form descriptions generated ...
166,741302hola_foofoorockA simple hello world gem
166,741302devcamp_view_tool_kProvides general support to HTML data in rails apps
166,741302inhelintThis tiny gem checks inheritance level and warns if it exceeds the given number.
166,741302iqdb-clientIQDB adapter
166,741302mini_assertSuper fast gem for testing stuff
166,741302uri_minerGem to submmit codes for Uri-online-judge
166,741302timingiseverythingA gem that tells you what part of the day it is
166,741302some-aiThis gem includes some AI to use in your projets.
166,741302txtfySoon or not it will be changed or not
166,741302putcststJust like Hello World: csv reading, putting.
166,741302jrubyfx-fxmlloader-openjfx.patchJRubyFX FxmlLoader gem bits
166,760301string-safe_inspectorGet `#inspect` without `exception` and `nil` possibilities