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166661-166680 of all 167,227 gems.
166,660309genius_fixedA Ruby client for the Genius API (). [Forked version, fro...
166,660309system_4m5msystem_4m5m gem
166,660309fatmanadd wsdl and watch operations, test them, and be done with it
166,660309CanvasUserGenA gem for creating random (and not so random) canvas users
166,660309fastlane-plugin-youtrackUse for communicating with YouTrack (fetching issue's info, adding comments and tags etc.)
166,660309butiranA simple hello world gem
166,660309honuaA mapping library to stitch geographic map images based on map tiles provided by a rast...
166,660309nvd-json_feedsProvides a Ruby API to NVD JSON Feeds.
166,660309kraftwerkFramework for crafting JSON APIs with style
166,660309efmefm is a small Emacs-like file manager written in Ruby.
166,660309qablogTheme for QA blogs
166,660309thread_weaverTool-assisted thread-safety testing inspired by ThreadWeaver for Java
166,660309sync-podspecPush new specifications to a spec-repo without
166,660309railway-rbA functional approach to error handling. Inspired by Elixir `with` statement.
166,660309jchrestCHREST packaged for use with JRuby
166,677308k8s-client-renewedKubernetes client library. working with ruby 3
166,677308jekyll-theme-morphMorph is a minimal Jekyll theme.
166,677308theme-4A beautiful, minimal theme for Jekyll.
166,677308rubysightengineAn easy to use sightengine wrapper for ruby.