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166721-166740 of all 167,227 gems.
166,719304ruby-mopidyA wrapper around the Mopidy API.
166,719304pdftocsvParsing PDF files to the CSV format
166,719304rails_encrypted_diffDiff rails encrypted credentials store between git commits.
166,719304testjrHello World Gem
166,719304offsite_payments_latipayThis gem extends the activemerchant offsite_payments gem providing integration of Latipay.
166,719304trino_sql_parserTrino SQL Parser for Ruby parses a SQL using Trino's native SQL parser precisely and re...
166,719304zombodb_railsUse ZomboDB with rails!
166,729303active_webhookSimple, efficient, and extensible webhooks for Ruby, including: Rate Limits, Cryptograp...
166,729303simple_clipboardA simple gem for accessing the clipboard, based on libclipboard
166,729303model_transporterNotifies listeners about model changes
166,729303url-privacyRemoves tracking parameters from URLs
166,729303hola_komadesuA simple hello world gem
166,729303rails_custom_loggingReplace Rails' verbose logs with anything you like, from one-liner keys/values to even ...
166,729303geminerAn editor written with Ruby/GTK
166,729303tsjsonruby implementation for tsjson lang
166,729303lame_game_randomizerTake the tactile fun out of gaming with this digital coin flipper, card picker, dice ro...
166,729303procmuxA simple utility to launch a procfile in a tmux session
166,729303rails3_before_render_rbprovides a before_render method for action_controllers