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Most downloads over all time
166681-166700 of all 167,227 gems.
166,677308the_whereSimpler query for ruby
166,677308nithya_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
166,677308testr1Simple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
166,677308pyama-campI want to Go camping.
166,677308turbo-authAuthentication for Turbo.
166,686307solidus_razorpayRazorpay integration into solidus application.
166,686307bonjour-fredericA simple hello world gem
166,686307peatio-jrubyPeatio gem contains microservices and command line tools
166,686307cuitarValida y formatea CUIT argentinas.
166,686307hot_pepperAPI Client for hot pepper
166,686307takwimu-wipSimple gem to do exploratory statistics.
166,686307gitlab-release-notesPopulate GitLab project's release notes based on git commits.
166,686307lirclirc client library (focused on sending ir signals
166,686307ruby_event_store-profilerDead-simple profiling based on instrumentation built into RubyEventStore
166,686307theme-3A beautiful, minimal theme for Jekyll.
166,686307view_tool_copyrightJust add one line to your homepage
166,686307the_where_prea demo that practice to create a gem
166,686307pry-rails-diff-routesA Pry plugin to see the difference you made to Rails routes
166,700306tadabotWrite a longer description or delete this line.