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145421-145440 of all 145,554 gems.
145,427167plotly-rails-jsThis gem provides plotly and the plotly-ujs driver for your Rails 4+ application.
145,427167botello_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
145,427167hako-itamae-secretsProvide variables to hako using Itamae::Secrets.
145,427167global_shared_dbsome shared data.
145,427167cancel_ordercancel order on b2cpl website
145,427167rspecsupportYou probably meant `gem install rspec-support`.
145,427167rbinotifyYou probably meant `gem install rb-inotify`.
145,427167railshtmlsanitizerYou probably meant `gem install rails-html-sanitizer`.
145,427167railsdomtestingYou probably meant `gem install rails-dom-testing`.
145,427167railsdeprecatedsanitizerYou probably meant `gem install rails-deprecated_sanitizer`.
145,427167racktestYou probably meant `gem install rack-test`.
145,427167rackprotectionYou probably meant `gem install rack-protection`.
145,427167letter_saverDelivers emails to the LetterSaver service.
145,427167httpcookieYou probably meant `gem install http-cookie`.
145,427167domainnameYou probably meant `gem install domain_name`.
145,427167quantumEntanglementQuantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of ...
145,427167option_max_painAutomatically calculate max pain of options listed on the National Stock Exchange of In...
145,445166unfextYou probably meant `gem install unf_ext`.
145,445166threadsafeYou probably meant `gem install thread_safe`.
145,445166rubygemsupdateYou probably meant `gem install rubygems-update`.