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Most downloads over all time
145421-145440 of all 148,608 gems.
145,421350mini-guardRun specs when you edit your files in a smart way (in app, views, specs folder).
145,421350fiscalyFinancial date class for ruby
145,421350debugLoggerA simple logging gem for a faster debug control
145,421350ar-bigintMake ActiveRecord's PostgreSQL adapter always use bigint columns
145,421350rbflagrFlagr is a feature flagging, A/B testing and dynamic configuration microservice
145,421350activestorage-dummyDummy placeholders as an Active Storage service.
145,421350indianizeConvert numbers to Indian currency numbering system with seperators, in numeric and alp...
145,421350action_pathActionPath is cool.
145,421350exist_client-omni_focusA plugin for ExistClient that reports completed tasks from OmniFocus
145,421350bin2decA tool to convert binary to decimal numbers
145,421350fried-dependencyEasily define object dependencies and inject them
145,421350motion-ostructAdd variations of attr_accessor for RubyMotion for iOS & macOS
145,421350iowa-schedulerDistributed Offline Data Pipeline Scheduler
145,421350CartBinaryUploaderAnd after all will input some here to do
145,421350sixarm_ruby_string_replace_betweenString#replace_between method to find the index positon after a match
145,421350githubgo2rpmThis program converts golang libraries from github to a rpm spec file.
145,421350ruby-eet-czEET wrapper for ruby
145,439349ffi-vjoyAn FFI wrapper for the vJoy virtual controller software.
145,439349grape-forgery_protectionProtect your Grape API from forgery attacks like Rails.