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145421-145440 of all 150,999 gems.
145,420484etalonA very simple tool to instrument Ruby code and output basic metrics to a logger or stor...
145,420484jekyll-github-last-modifiedA Jekyll plugin for retrieving files' last modified timestamp from GitHub.
145,420484fileminerA simple file/log transfer tool coding by ruby.
145,420484logstash-output-harbor_beaconThis gem is a Logstash output plugin to be installed on top of the Logstashcore pipeli...
145,420484fluent-plugin-azure-storage-append-blobFluentd plugin to upload logs to Azure Storage append blobs.
145,420484lodepngLodePNG's primary goal is to provide a fast, cross-platform library for decoding/encodi...
145,420484mini_scadMiniScad is a bridge to the OpenSCAD script.
145,420484STEMConstantsA library of constants with functionality to convert to different units
145,420484infrastructure-minecraftMicroservice orchestration of Minecraft game servers
145,420484antiphonComing soon.
145,420484independent_reserve_clientRuby Wrapper for IndependentReserve's API
145,420484qc_dev_view_toolProvides generated HTML data.
145,420484jobsIsNumberEvenreturns true if the given number is even, otherwise returns false.
145,420484reikiReiki provides cross-platform device access module. Primarily Reiki abstracts USB and B...
145,420484goetheGoethe - Text processing library.
145,420484proto_clientUsed to create ActiveRecord looking service clients.
145,437483time-sheeta time tracking solution based on spreadsheets
145,437483omniauth-keycloak"Omniauth strategy for Keycloak"
145,437483image_cropperThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
145,437483cabrilloA ruby library to parse and generate ham radio Cabrillo log files.