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152721-152740 of all 154,217 gems.
152,721292leonid_palindromelearn enough ruby palindrome detector
152,721292jekyll-img-prefixFilter that add a remote url to your posts.
152,721292hurricane_trimarThis gem provides methods for trimming spaces.
152,721292solidstate_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
152,721292histDetailed version tracking of an item and its associations in Ruby on Rails. Based on Pa...
152,721292virgil-jwtVirgil JSON Web Token to make call to Virgil Services
152,721292absolverAllows setting the cause of Ruby exceptions.
152,721292facetorA simple hello world gem that demonstrates how you can use GitHub Actions to trigger ge...
152,721292transactional_lockAdds advisory locks that are automatically released at the end of a transaction.
152,721292origen_armOrigen subblocks modeling ARM cores.
152,721292raffles_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
152,721292json_blobCreate `` tags to safely send data to the UI. Yo...
152,721292teamwork-extA gem wrapper for the API. (Homepage: API Docs: h...
152,721292matiuky_regexpA collection of usefull regular expressions for ukrainian matiuky
152,736291monobank-rubyGem for Monobank API
152,736291laksaLaksaRuby -- Zilliqa Blockchain Library
152,736291bootstrap_admin_theme_for_railsWrite a longer description or delete this line.
152,736291superpowersUseful rails generators
152,736291lableb_sdkLableb cloud search api sdk