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Most downloads over all time
152781-152800 of all 153,764 gems.
152,767235capistrano-middleman2Run middleman build on each host.
152,767235readkalnsdaklsAn awesome gem
152,783234paylike.rbRuby SDK for working with Paylike payment services.
152,783234grpc-opentracing-fixOpenTracing instrumentation for gRPC in Ruby.
152,783234versionize_old_migrationsBeginning with Rails 5, migrations must have the Rails version they were created with a...
152,783234myhidapiThis is a small wrapper around HIDAPI. I couldn't get other HIDAPI wrappers to work, s...
152,783234buundlerA bad copy of bundler for testing homographic vulnerabilities.
152,783234vagrant-docker_loadLoad Docker images into Vagrant machines
152,783234avatarizeCreate nice avatars from your user's initial
152,783234pry-gemA collection of commands to work with gems within Pry
152,783234brandtryan_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
152,783234bt_pngquantBinary Transformer plugin for PngQuant
152,783234eztagparserA simple way of extracting cheeky HTML Tags.
152,783234dhallishA Ruby Implementation of a Dhall-like Language
152,783234yepYep is a dependency injection framework written in ruby
152,783234arngerA simple hello world gem
152,783234uiza_minh_phongSee for details
152,783234server_syncSync files using rsync or something else.
152,783234rails-acmAn Automated Certificate Manager as a Rails Engine
152,783234knartformTools form working with HL7 CDS Knowledge Artifacts.